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Genshin Impact Mobile Brought In $245M In Its First Month

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Genshin Impact has been profitable for miHoYo. Very profitable, actually, as it released its Gacha-based RPG in September. As the dust settles, we now know that mobile alone has brough the Shaghai-based developer $245m in just that first month.

This news comes to us from Sensor Tower, making Genshin Impact, the most profitable mobile title from September 28th through October 27th. Genshin Impact was already predicted to make back its investment within the first few weeks alone, and what makes the numbers here astounding is they don't even include Android sales in China, a market responsible for $82 million of revenue alone for the RPG. Conversely, the US brought the developer $45 million in revenue on mobile in the first month, making it the "biggest mobile RPG launch in the United States to date," according to Sensor Tower.

Keep in mind, these numbers also don't include revenue from the PC or PlayStation 4 versions of Genshin Impact

While the overall numbers for mobile are impressive, Pokemon Go still retains a higher grossing launch, sitting at $283 million.

This news comes as Genshin Impact is prepping not just for its first major content update, which will see changes to the much talked about and maligned Resin system, but also improvements for the upcoming PlayStaion 5 port. Also coming with 1.1 is a Genshin Impact's first seasonal event, as well as a new "per-city" Reputation system, allowing players to build up rep with a city to unlock new rewards and customizations exclusive to that city.

Last week, Steven mulled some of the ideas that Genshin Impact has brought to games and how other games could learn from them, but also a few features that the RPG needs as well. 


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