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Genshin Impact Introduces a New Update: Zhongli and Xinyan Join the Fray

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Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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If you’re playing Genshin Impact, then you may be happy with tomorrows new banner rollout which will include two new characters, Zhongli and Xinyan. The banner will also feature two of the highest rated four-star characters, Razor and Chongyun. Get ready, because new quests and trials will also be available starting December 1st.

For players not sure whether they want to spend their hard earned (or easily and often begrudgingly bought) wishes on the new characters, you’ll be in luck as new character trials will also be available so that you can try before you, attempt, to buy. Despite Zhongli being in the game already, it’s hard not to get a little hyped for him, after watching the latest Character Demo trailer.

You will also be able to unlock the Historia Antiqua Chapter Quest, once you reach Rank 26 or above. A new weapon banner, new login rewards and likely some fixes to boot will be in tomorrows patch so don’t forget to pop in and see what else may be coming your way.

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