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Genshin impact Ends the Sumeru Archon Questline, Adds Events, and New Playable Characters in 3.2 Next Week

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Genshin Impact is closing a chapter with the next update coming on November 2nd. Version 3.2 "Akasha Pulses, the Kalpa Flame Rises" will end the Sumeru Archon questline, bring Nahida and Layla on as playable characters, new challenges, bosses, and events

The Sumeru Archon questline will come to an end here, but it won’t be a quick event. It also won’t mean the end of time in Sumeru. There will be a climax to the story and a grand finale, Hoyoverse promises. The final stage will, naturally, feature a massive boss fight. Defeat the powerful, two-phase boss and once that’s done, you’ll be able to acquire Nahida as a playable five-star Dentro catalyst user.

You’ll later also be able to add Layla to your playable characters. Layla is an astrology student and she has the ability to sleepwalk. This sleepwalking ability actually works to help define her combat style. She’ll be able to use her abilities to shield and do Cryo damage.

Nahida and the rerun for Yoimiya will be in the early part of 3.2’s Event Wishes and Layla will be in the second half.

What else is in the update? How about a fungus collection event? Fabulous Fungus Frenzy lets you catch and train fungi to battle in challenges. Adventurer’s Trials is another event in the update. This time you have to complete these trials with trial characters. Examples given include things like knocking Slimes into a vine goal via character abilities. 

Also coming is the Dentro Hypostasis, which will complete the Hypostasis family puzzle and present another new open-world boss to take on in the Hypostatic Symphony.

For more on the update and all that will be coming when 3.2 is out on November 2nd, see the update page over at Genshin Impact.


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