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Genshin Impact Devs Respond to Community About Zhongli Feeling Underpowered

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Following complaints from the community that Zhongli feels underpowered, the developers behind Genshin Impact have provided a statement with their own perspective.

The post on Reddit begins by issuing an apology for the relative lateness of their response which the team admits left a poor taste in the community. They share that they have been closely following Zhongli across social media and other communication platforms.

The post then goes to explain Zhongli,

“Zhongli is defined as more of a support character, and the core of the support role is the ability to protect other characters in the Party. Based on this, we defined his two core abilities as shield creation and controlling the enemy:

The Jade Shield (generated by holding Dominus Lapidis) provides effective absorption and cover without relying on any other equipment;

Planet Befall exerts effective control over groups of enemies without relying on elemental reactions or equipment bonuses.”

The post continues, noting that that the team has discovered a bug where an Elemental Burst may not trigger a DMG boost. They post ends with the team promising to monitor the situation. However, some in the community weren’t pleased by the response,

“He is still UNDER-PERFORMING as a supp unit like you call it and it not worth the time and money you need to get him.he is 5 Star for god sake and a Anchon to boot so he should be a op supp at least...no does not need to be broken but a shield that breaks after 1-2 hit ain't much in this game right now.”


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