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Genshin Impact Call for Beta Testers Points to Possible v3.0 Closed Beta Coming Soon

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Guesses are circulating that Genshin Impact’s 3.0 update could be heading into closed beta soon. The game is currently on update 2.7 on live, but MihoYohas issued an official call for beta testers to apply to what just might be the beta for 3.0.

According to a tweet from user Zeniet, a reliable source of Genshin Impact info, the team is “starting to recruit testers for v3.0” and says “it’s gonna be a big one”. While there have already been rumors and datamined leaks for a coming update 2.8 over in places like Reddit, testing for 3.0 could very well be starting soon.

The call for beta testers came in the official Genshin Impact Discord, with applications to test open from today, June 8th through June 12th. The Discord has been on and off full today, so you can guess just how many people might be trying to get themselves in to test the upcoming content, especially if the update really is as big as speculated.

Updates for Genshin Impact have seen their share of both delays and accelerated releases. Recently, the awaited character of Yelan was added. She was originally set to debut in the 2.7 update, but that update was slightly delayed. Last year, the updates went directly from update 1.6 to 2.0 since development continued for some time until the patch they had was just so big, it was worth jumping so far ahead in the numbering. 

Well, it looks like 3.0 will get its first testers pretty soon. Of course, this doesn’t mean much just yet, but we’ll have to see just how they decide to release the upcoming updates.

Tomorrow, MiHoyo will be at Summer Game Fest with another one of its already announced in development games, the RPG Honkai: Star Rail. 

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