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Genshin Impact Adds Yelan, a Stealthy Hydro DPS That Will Help You Take Down Enemies

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Genshin Impact, which is coming off reports that the mobile action RPG has grossed over $3 billion globally across platforms, has a new character to draw in even more players: the mysterious Yelan.

Yelan is described as a Hydro DPS character and she combines her attacks with quick mobility so she can mark and damage enemies, while also getting the chance to reset her Breakthrough state, opening buffs for her next Charged Shot. 

She's a stealthy character and she can perform up to four consecutive attacks with her bow, dealing Hydro damage with fully charged arrows. Her abilities as well as her Breakthrough state, gained after she spends five seconds out of combat, getting her Charged Shot an 80% decreased charge time, Opens up your strategies for causing incredible damage. Once she has fully charged  it, she’ll be able to fire Breakthrough Barb, dealing huge AoE Hydro damage.

Because she's designed as an agile character she also has an ability called Lingering Lifeline, which lets her move rapidly, marking enemies on the way. When her movement ends and the ability is fully animated, the lifeline will explode and deal Hydro damage to all marked opponent based on her Max HP. So it's your advantage to keep her and strategically use her abilities like this to take down enemies.

Overall, adding her to your roster also lets you take advantage of her Elemental Burst, which will lend an assist to your character by dealing constant Hydro damage with Exquisite Throw. This Talent follows the character around and initiates a coordinated attack that can occur once a second when you're active character uses a normal attack. It will also initiate coordinated attacks every time Yelan’s  Lifeline explodes and damages your opponents.

For more on Yelan, and her lore, head over to Genshin Impact.


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