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Genshin Impact 4.6 Coming April 24th, as Mihoyo Valued at $23 Billion in New Report

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Genshin Impact will release version 4.6, “Two Worlds Aflame, the Crimson Night Fades” on April 24th, adding Arlecchino, a new recruitable character, a new zone, new story unveiling secrets in Fontaine, and a new rock festival game event. This comes as a new report values developer Mihoyo at $23 billion.

According to a new report, Genshin Impact is having a big impact on Mihoyo’s finances. The company ranks in the 12th spot in a list of largest private companies made by the Hurun Research Institute.That list ranks private companies and startups worth at least $1 billion. This makes it the most valuable game development company on this list. 

Arlecchino is the fourth Fatui Harbinger also known as the Knave, This time she can join your team as a five-star pyropoilar. and she's also a new weekly boss. Her story quest, “Ignis Purgatorius” will let you learn more about the House of the Hearth and Arlecchino.

If she's on your team, her combat skills will focus on a mechanic known as “Bond of Life”. Not only does this prevent a target from being healed, Arlecchino can use it to enhance her own attack power, adding some depth to her kit. Arlecchino herself can only be healed in combat via her own Elemental Burst. With Bond of Life, you’ll see a new bar above her health bar and when equals or exceeds a percentage of her health, her normal attacks become stronger and she'll deal unstoppable Pyro damage. This comes at a cost, since she’ll have to go around imposing and collecting on Blood-Debt Directives from enemies. 

And as a weekly boss, she’ll impose those on you. That’s right, not only can she place those on you, you’ll then be subject to Bond of Life and take more damage. If you repay the debt, you get a boost to charged attacks. The way she is set up as a boss and a potential teammate, it offers a unique opportunity to really get to know her mechanics and kit inside and out.

The Sea of Bygone Eras will reveal a new underwater zone,  Remuria, the site of a long ruined empire pre-dating Fontaine. Explore, reactivate some mechanics, encounter a special dragon, and another brand new boss, Legatus Golem. 

The update also adds a brand new rhythm game event. Edit your own rhythm game, invite friends to take on your challenge, and they might potentially win the new Nightwind Horn instrument.


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