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Genfanad Getting Overhauls and Expanded Content To Deepen Its Systems in 2023

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 Indie MMORPG Genfanad, which released last year after a successful crowdfunding campaign, is reworking its core experience and expanding this year. This follows feedback, according to developer Rose Tinted Games, that many enjoyed its blend of humor and retro inspirations, but found other aspects to be lacking. 

Not to be deterred, Genfanad is getting an overhaul. Several, actually. In a new blog post, the team announced that multiple improvements are coming, including updates to build up various systems, including exploration, discovery, and rewarding gathering skills. The aim of all of this will be to keep building on the well-received and enjoyable concept, and to deepen the gameplay, expanding what the game has to offer. 

Any MMORPG has to offer ‘stuff to do’ at a basic level, and the announced updates  look to build upon the favorably received concept, humor, and overall retro inspirations, while building upon those systems and increasing the number of systems in the game. Some of the reworks include making exploration more tightly integrated into the game overall and to make it more rewarding in general. some of this might happen through putting rare spawns on the map and even introducing a new currency that finding those rare spawns can earn you. They'll also look to make things like gathering more rewarding.

Your chance to get rewarded through a corporate performance review system at the very well respected CLicHe corporation. Complete tasks, and earn some points for your department in a competition to walk away with rewards. Individuals will get rewards, those who belong to the winning department will get a portion of  a pool. and everyone will Ascend the corporate hierarchy via a ranking system. Many games have seasons and ranks, but this take on that format adds a humorous corporate cutthroat backdrop. 

As for reworks, all quests will get a pass to make sure they’re rewarding enough, and new quests will be released with these parameters in mind. Both Magic and Cooking will also get overhauled and developed into deeper systems.


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