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Gear Up With EverQuest II's New Event Bonuses Before Visions of Vetrovia

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Gear up ahead of EverQuest II's next expansion, Visions of Vetrovia, which is exactly what the team is calling for in the latest event for members. Expect plenty of bonuses and drops in the run up to the next expansion content.

Along with the Panda, Panda, Panda! event now running with new quests coming every Tuesday, this Gear Up special period will also be exclusive to currently active members. These bonuses will also refresh weekly, giving somewhat different advantages to get you leveled and geared for the new content on the way. 

Starting today, September 21st on the Live Servers, and running through September 27th, there will be double loot drops, double experience, and double status for members. Each Tuesday, the bonuses change, with September 28th bringing double loot and some mount training drops. October 5th starts double loot and spell research. The final switch on October 12th brings double loot drops, double experience, double status, and spell research.

Kaladim sees double status from September 21st through the 27th. September 28th changes to double Destiny of Velious Hunter coins. October 5th starts a week of double experience. And October 12th starts double Destiny of Velious loot drops.

Finally, Tarinax starts off today September 21st with double status, next week brings double Cobalt coins, October 5th starts double experience, and October 12th wraps up with double Kingdom of Sky loot drops.

These four weeks of bonuses should help any character you create to get leveled up and prepared for the new expansion. You can even play through the prologue of Visions of Vetrovia now. The gear up event runs through October 18th, so from that we can tell the full expansion release date will be sometime later. You can find out more and review the list of changing weekly bonuses  on the event page.


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