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Gear of the Dragorn

Reed Hubbard Posted:
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The NDA has been lifted on Omens of War, the next EverQuest expansion, and the official website has posted a sneak peak (sic) at the Dragorn weapon set.  What is a dragorn, you ask?

The dragorns are noble creatures who believe they were carved from of the heartiest earth and stone by the great dragon, Dranik. As a civilization, the dragorns valued courage above all else -- that was, at least, until the influence of Discord drew a shade of darkness over their world of Kuua and opened the door for Mata Muram's legion. Their noble values are reflected in the creation of their weapons.

You can click on this link to see the complete weapon set, including the Dragorn sheild (sic).

Click here to visit the official EverQuest Omens of War page...and maybe suggest a spell checker while you're at it


Reed Hubbard