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Gamigo Teases Upcoming MMORPG A World Torn Apart With a Creepy Story Chapter

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 “I will never forget the day my world split in three" is a statement that comes early in a new first teaser for Gamigo’s next MMO, with the message A World Torn Apart. Shortly after this statement, the narrator pronounces that it's hunting day and describes her family. But although there's talk of lamb stew and cooking, she makes it clear that it's actually demon-hunting day.

The first chapter’s ominous title is “A Sacrifice”. After the twist of demon hunting is revealed, the narrator then talks about her husband going out to do the demon hunting, and when you have that setup, it doesn't take long for all hell to break loose as the family is attacked by a demon. At some point the mother says that she's narrating directly from her daughter's memories, splitting the narrative into a different point of view from someone who was also witnessing the attack. With the villagers screaming and facing the demons, and everything happening so fast, the split narrative is something to pay attention to and see where this might lead.

With that premise, there are a few twists and turns keeping up with what’s happening.Things don't necessarily end well,  but the note it does end on is definitely intriguing.Talking about a world being split in three  just might inspire new questions after hearing the details.

So what can we make of this? Gamigo promises to keep steadily revealing more about what this next project will be, But if the set-up released today is anything to go on, we're in for a very creepy, and interesting ride. Could this be a new horror MMORPG awaiting us? We'll learn more details later, it seems.

Fresh off an end to its publishing deal with XL Games for the ArcheAge franchise, Gamigo’s new project is currently housed on a site with the URL of anuncertainfolder.com , probably providing another clue. They promise to share more as a weekly saga and for every 10 retweets of the initial announcement.



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