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Gamigo Lays Off RIFT Developers, Though Stresses MMORPG Will Continue [UPDATED]

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[Update 11:40 am PT] Gamigo has gotten back to us regarding the reports of layoffs affecting the RIFT teams. In the statement, a PR spokesperson for Gamigo has refuted the reports of layoffs, as well as assured fans they have "numerous new titles" in the works.

Here is the statement in full. Original story follows below.

"There are no structural changes, such as relocating development teams to Europe planned, and I can assure you that we will continue to work hard on our core MMORPGs. We also have not done any wide-ranged layoffs. This information is not correct. Every company has to sometimes adjust their team structures and focus, this is a normal process and nothing out of the ordinary. 

We are always looking into growing our audiences and have numerous new titles in our pipeline set to launch this year. Players can also look forward to some big news for Trove in the foreseeable future and we just announced our next big addition to the ArcheAge universe with Akash Invasion.

It's understandable that people are worried when they receive news like this, but rest assured, we have no intention of slowing down our efforts to make our games better with each update, and are grateful for the support of our players throughout the years."

[Orignal Story Below]

It looks like the Gamigo purge from two weeks ago isn't seemingly over, as it's been learned Gamigo has laid off an "unspecified" amount of RIFT developers, though stresses that the MMO is continuing.

According to MassivelyOP, it seems as though RIFT developers based here in the US have been laid off from the company. According to Massively's tipster, it seems as though the layoffs might signal a shift from US development overseas.

It seems like there might be something here as well, as a gamigo staff member did post an update to the forums, mentioning a "change in internal structures" and stating that RIFT would not be next on the chopping block before closing the thread.

"Hey everybody, let me briefly address your biggest concern(s): Rift is not going to be shut down! Most of you already noticed and pointed out a change in internal structures. While we're not able to publicly address or communicate about those changes in detail, we can assure you that there will be a team responsible for and working on Rift (future development being part of this). If there are still any concerns or worries left about that topic, please feel free to PM one of the CMs at any time. We'll close this thread by answering the thread's title (Is Rift Next ?) with a clear NO!"

This comes two weeks after multiple gamigo MMORPGs were shuttered, with DefianceDefiance 2050 and Twin Saga being closed by the company. The MMO publisher pushed players into ArcheAge and TROVE and other Gamigo games, execpt RIFT. This obviously fueled some of the speculation that the old MMORPG would be next. 

We've reached out to Gamigo for a statement on this report and will update if any should arrive.


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