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Gamigo Is Cleaning House, Sunsetting Twin Saga, Defiance And Defiance 2050

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Gamigo is clearly cleaning house as it was announced yesterday that not one, but three of their titles would be shutting down: Twin Saga, Defiance and Defiance 2050.

The shut downs were announced via each of the games' websites, giving players the heads up as to when they can expect the games to be shut down permanently. Twin Saga, an MMO first made by Aeria Games before it merged with Gamigo, will cease to be on April 29th, 2021, stating that the game simply could no longer sustain itself as the reason why it is shuttering.

"After 5 years in Twin Saga full of peaks and valleys together, the story of the twin goddesses, Marisa and Amaris, has come to an end. Today, with a heavy heart, we are sad to announce that Twin Saga will officially cease all operations on April 29, 2021."

Defiance and Defiance 2050 will also be shuttering the same date, again citing the fact that the two MMOs could no longer sustain themselves.

"Since the release of Defiance 8 years ago, followed by the release of Defiance 2050 3 years ago, we have shared countless gaming memories. Today we come to you with hearts heavy with sadness as we announce that Defiance and Defiance 2050 will officially cease all operations on April 29, 2021."

As such, new account creation as well as the ability to buy cash-shop items have been disabled for the games, though in-shop currency bought before yesterday can still be spent on items in the store. Gamigo is encouraging players  to move onto its other titles, such as Archeage and Trove. The publisher is offering special perks and codes for those who make the transition, also stating that currencies bought can transfer over to the other titles.

Defiance, notably, was part of an effort to meld TV and games early last decade, releasing alongside the long-canceled SyFy TV show of the same name. The show itself only ran for three seasons, being canceled in 2015, though the MMO definitely had a much better following in the end, staying afloat for 8 years. 


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