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Gamigo Announces New Game in Atlas Universe - Atlas Rogues

Bye Atlas Reactor, Hello Atlas Rogues

Steven Weber Updated: Posted:
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Gamigo has announced a new game Atlas Rogues, a turn-based 4-player PvE tactic game. In the Reddit announcement, they reveal some of the game’s features, along with a separate megathread where they intend to answer the community’s questions.

Atlas Rogues is a new game that can be played single-player or co-op, and utilizes rogue-lite gameplay with time-loops and dynamic gameplay to keep players invested. Each run will unlock new characters, talents, gear, missions, and new story elements in an effort to stop the time loop and save Atlas. Players will eventually collect a ton of different characters with specific specializations and talents, and your team may determine how your battle through the time-loop ends.

If you’re interested in getting some questions answered, head over to the megathread and ask them, as the Gamigo team will be answering questions in a dev blog sometime later this week. As we previously reported, Atlas Reactor was shut down last year, but Atlas Rogues will continue on in the same universe.


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