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Gamigo Adds a Clue and a Countdown Timer to Its Mysterious New MMO Site

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There's a brand-new countdown on the mysterious teaser site that Gamigo has set up for its upcoming new licensed MMO. In addition to recently offering a new clue after four separate audio story chapters, the countdown will expire in 4 days and 15 hours from the time this article is published.

The mystery MMO is one that, according to investment documents, is a successful game and a big license for the company. With the last chapter coming full circle to another “demon hunting day”, in a world with Druids, chimeras, magic, and one surviving human that has made some very difficult decisions over the short time we've been able to get to know her during this mystery reveal. Gamigo has even used countdowns before.

In the final chapter, our protagonist has been taken to this world where the weather is odd, and the druids think should be taken out but her ally offers to bring her back, in effect, protecting her. Eventually, another demon crashes this party and by this time, taking down a demon is fully within her grasp and that's where we come to an end.

The Gamigo team has also offered a clue, a picture of a man with the following text:


So where will we go from here? It seems like we will know more in a few days when this countdown expires. While not sure if it will be a full reveal, coming full circle by the end of the last preview chapter, this clue, and suddenly a countdown set against a fiery background with mountains and clouds, looking plenty ominous, we expect something soon from Gamigo when they decide to bring us into the world of this mystery MMO they plan on releasing.

In the meantime, you can listen to all chapters, view the clues and watch the countdown here.



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