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GameSpace Opinion: Bioware's Unsustainable Incompetence

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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In the latest editorial at GameSpace.com, Poorna Shankar takes on the recent happenings with BioWare with regard to Anthem's Development. He examines Kotaku's well-researched article about the difficulties and issues inside BioWare while Anthem was being developed as well as provides his thoughts on BioWare's response to the article.

The response from BioWare reeks of gross negligence and incompetence at the highest levels. It displays a clear and willful ignorance to the harm they are guilty of subjecting on their own employees, driving many to the point of mental breakdown. That is inhumane.

The tone deafness from BioWare, and the industry at large, is staggering. The defensive nature of BioWare’s blog post and responses like it from other developers and publishers is not new. Such responses are a complete rejection of the reality of the conditions of the people working there, and only serve to highlight one thing.

Read the full article at GameSpace.com.


Suzie Ford

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