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GameSpace Opinion: Atlas Broke My PC

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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GameSpace columnist Poorna Shankar is back with his latest take on the gaming world. His latest column, "Atlas Broke My PC", that begins with notice that Atlas "is an absolute garbage game" and that, while not literally breaking his PC, he has decided he "will stubbornly couch [his] argument". It is a cautionary treatise on PC woes, Windows installs, Fry's Electronics and more -- definitely worth the time to read!

It all started around December and the Atlas early access launch. At this point, everyone knows the game was utterly broken, hiding behind the, “but it’s early access!!” non-excuse that too many are so quick to peddle.

In a true showcase of brilliant optimization, I was running around the starting island punching trees at a truly blistering 40 fps in on my 2080 Ti. Whilst I was reveling in the PS2-era visuals as my framerate tanked into the mid-30s, my PC blue screened. This was the first in a long line of mishaps that were to come over the next three and a half months.

Read more over at GameSpace.com.


Suzie Ford

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