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Gameplay Update Brings Changes Due to Community Feedback

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Breakaway site has been updated with the highlights of a recent live stream where Amazon Game Studios devs talk about changes coming to alpha as a direct result of player feedback. Movement, casting, the economy and "buildable" changes are all addressed.

We think Buildables are a lot of fun, but players didn’t use Buildables too often, and the arena became too chaotic when a team started to really stack Buildables on the field. Our goal was to create a focus on the Buildables of the warriors and have the Buildable match the warrior Archetype, while improving the overall flow of the game. So now warriors will have one Buildable instead of two, Buildables have more HP, gold from destroying a Buildable has been reduced and now goes directly to the team that destroyed the Buildable (200 to the last hitter, 100 to the rest of the team), and some warriors now use different Buildables for balance.

You can check out the full stream below or head to the Breakaway site to read the highlights.


Suzie Ford

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