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Gameforge Reveals Open-World Survival Title Under a Rock, With Strange Evolutions, Multiplayer Co-op, and More

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Gameforge has unveiled a new open-world survival crafting game, Under a Rock. Prepare to explore a mysterious island you're stranded on, build, craft, and face a number of challenges from environments to all of the creatures that evolved differently on this island.

Developer Nordic Trolls’ game is set in the early 19th century and has a touch of humor to what’s going on. They describe their game like this:"A procedural open-world survival craft game for 1-10 players. Explore a primitive but dangerous place with a different evolutionary path; here, wildlife is oversized, Neanderthals still exist, and curses are real".

You play as an explorer that is stranded on a mysterious island. As a survival game, you'll have to build a base, explore, figure out the environments, gather resources, and of course face challenges. Yet, Under a Rock makes itself stand out in some very significant ways.

In the game you'll be able to go fishing,  start growing crops and farming them, and of course, crafting. Since the island was lost for some time, everything evolved in different ways, so the creatures you will run into aren't what you might expect. This includes some of the discovery because some creatures might look  kind of familiar, but some of them are quite dangerous in unexpected ways. 

In addition to all the crafting and farming and building, you'll get the opportunity to fight, learn to tame, breed, and eventually learn to ride some of the animals you encounter. Or maybe you want to learn to cook and eat some new options and even discover recipes to help you beat back diseases, curses, and other entanglements.

You can decide to play solo or with others as there is up to 10 player multiplayer Co-op available. try exploring the island with friends and setting up a small community. the world is procedurally generated, so you won't even experience the game the same way each time you play. maybe you have a base in a particular biome and a part of the world that is safe this time but very dangerous and treacherous next time.

Under a Rock is set for release on PC, Xbox Series X |S and PlayStation 5.


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