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Gameforge MMOPRG 'Metin2' Will Receive a New Continent in September's 'Conquerors of Yohara' Expansion

New contintent, new high level dungeons, new loot, and more

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Gameforge, publisher of such games as AION, NosTale, OGame, SoulWorker, and TERA, have announce the Conquerors of Yohara expansion to their MMORPG, Metin2.

Conquerors of Yohara is set to release this September and will bring with a brand new continent, new high-level dungeons, and a new conquest system. The new continent will contain mystifying new zones to explore, challenging quests to tackle, and deadly dungeons to conquer. You’ll be tasked with vanquishing the Sung Mahi Empire, a powerful force that is gaining power in the new continent of Yohara and threatening to destroy the lands beyond its dark shores.

Additionally, Conquerors of Yohara contains the new Conquest System, which allows players to increase their stats beyond the level 120 cap, a new gear slot and new Sung Ma empowerments, new monsters, deadly new bosses, and a treasure-trove of loot, new high-level dungeons including The Gnoll Caves and Sung Mahi Tower, and new repeatable biology quests.

Gameforge announced that in-game events with experience boosts will be taking place from August 11 up till two weeks following the release of the expansion to help players catch up with friends and prepare to take on the challenges of the new continent together.

You can check out the trailer for Conqerors of Yohara below:


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