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Gameforge Launching AION Classic in Europe in Early 2023

Christina Gonzalez Posted:
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Gameforge will bring AION Classic to PC in Europe beginning in early 2023. This will present a fresh start opportunity to return to Atreia, or head there for the first time.

In announcing the return of AION in Europe, Gameforge and NCSoft have worked to recreate the original MMORPG, based on version 2.0. What this means is that everyone will start fresh when the server opens, and they’ll be able to start their adventures and relive the war between the Asomodians and Elyos and defend against the threat from the Balaur against the Abyss Gate. This presents a chance to get back into the original adventures and understand just why it appealed to so many people during its original run and even today.

Nyoka, Product Manager for Gameforge, had this to say in a release on the announcement: “Working with our development partners at NCSoft is crucial in order to ensure that the European release builds upon the experience of other territories, while also sorting out technical aspects that will ensure a fun, and smooth gaming experience for our players.” 

In fact, you should expect a classic experience but there are some technical improvements, as well as balancing and quality of life changes. The European server will start with the 2.0 update and go from there. Gameforge and NCSoft will bring consistent updates and future content to AION Classic during this European release. 

You can expect PVE content up to level 55, including instances like Dark Poeta and Baranath Dredgion. There will also be a wide range of PVP content, from Dredgions, Fortress Battles, Rifts, and more.

A number of games have recently opened up fresh start servers on a temporary basis, with the intention that your fresh start character transfer to a live server after a specific period of time. AION Classic (which has also been running in North Smerica since last year) is different, in that this won’t be treated like an event, but will be a permanent server for the experience. In essence, it is a fresh start, but it’s also a restart. So you can go ahead and invest in the character you create.

With early 2023 the initial target, there should be more info soon.

For more, head over to Gameforge for more on AION Classic Europe.


Christina Gonzalez

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