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Gameforge Has Acquired Publishing Rights for TERA in the Americas

Can start migrating October 22

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Following the shut down of En Masse Entertainment and service end of life announcements, Gameforge has announced today that they are taking over publishing rights for TERA in the Americas.

This will include new local servers, meaning, that existing players who join the newly-hosted servers will be able to continue playing the game and receive the latest content updates that were previously unavailable in their region. This includes the upcoming TERA Battle Arena and the nightmare dungeons.

If you’re an existing En Masse Entertainment and Steam player in the Americas, you can migrate you account and progress Gameforge’s platform starting October 22, 2020, until December 18, 2020 using the official news page. Afterwards, you can access the game through the Gameforge client.

“We wanted to make sure we selected the right partner to help us continue bringing TERA to our players in the Americas,” stated a spokesperson from Bluehole studios. “After so many years working together and seeing how well they have been able to welcome players from other regions, we are confident that Gameforge is the right choice”.

Check out the trailer below.


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