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Dana Massey Posted:
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We did a lot of digging and are now convinced that Thrones of Chaos deserves to be judged on its own merits. This game, built off the title once known as Mourning, is being developed by Lound Ant Software in Portland, OR. We interviewed CEO Colton Burgess and others to cut through all the drama and confusion of this chequered game.

After extensive interviews and research, MMORPG.com is pleased to add Thrones of Chaos to our game list. This title, being built off the game once known as Mourning, is being developed by Portland, OR based Loud Ant Software LLC and promises a hardcore PvP experience in a fantasy setting.

The original Mourning project had been delisted by MMORPG.com in a famous incident involving developer abuse of our staff, among other things. Later, they attempted to launch the game in an almost unplayable state after a pre-order debacle. Since then, the game was sold, but due to confusion involving a partner company called Nuanced Entertainment, we once again removed the game from our list until we could confirm that it was indeed in fresh hands and a legitimate title.

Before returning it to the list, we spoke to Loud Ant CEO Colton Burgress, the CEO of Nuanced Entertainment Adam McCall and the original Producer of Mourning Andrei Gireada. The game's original owner refused to be interviewed for this piece. The three men clarified their roles, some of the history and confirmed that the project had indeed completely changed hands.

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Dana Massey