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Dana Massey Posted:
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Word has been passed along that "Undercover 2: Merc Wars", a mobile MMOG has been released to the commercial market.

YDreams releases Undercover 2: Merc Wars™ mobile MMOG

Undercover 2: Merc Wars™ is the all-new sequel to Undercover, the ground-breaking mobile MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) that took wireless gaming to new grounds in 2003. Undercover 2: Merc Wars™ again sets the stage for mobile gaming fun with real-time massively multiplayer action, rich graphics and sound FX, deep game mechanics and a cool live-location game mode, which unlocks extra features that use players’ real physical location.

YDreams has signed licensing agreements with major Portuguese media partners for TV and print content based on the game universe. An animated series, a comic strip and a TV program are already in development. The company is currently negotiating publishing agreements for Undercover 2: Merc Wars™ in over 25 countries.

In Undercover 2: Merc Wars™ thousands of players take on the role of mercenaries trying to make it on the streets of a violent, dangerous post-war scenario. While adventuring together on a persistent mobile game world, players can build unique characters, form clans with friends, conquer and defend territory, challenge enemies, engage in awesome real-time graphic combat and take on epic missions and campaigns that will take them to the streets of New York, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Rio de Janeiro, Mexico City, Singapore and hundreds of other real cities. As players progress in the game, they can acquire multiple skills, specialize in one of several professions, build powerful alliances, buy, sell and trade a large variety of gadgets and items.

The game uses accurate street maps for over 25 countries, provided by Navteq. Players can travel the world looking for real streets and landmarks, meeting clan members for international coups, challenging enemy clans, exploring unknown locations and facing danger in awesome, real-time multiplayer action on their phones.

Another cool feature is the optional live-location mode – players with a Bluetooth-enabled GPS device or whose carriers have location services can use live-location gameplay, which unlocks special defense systems, high-precision weapons and allows players to setup real-world teleports, which allow free and immediate transportation across the globe and can also be rented to generate extra cash. YDreams will be constantly introducing new game features, story elements, campaigns, missions, items and characters that players can discover and have fun with.

Try Undercover 2: Merc Wars™ for free!

Players can download a free trial version of Undercover 2: Merc Wars™ by accessing www.undercover2.com on the web or directly from their phone browser. The fully playable version is also available for download and subscription at operator mobile portals and via premium SMS in several countries (please check www.undercover2.com for more information about availability and phone models currently supported).

When the free trial is over, gamers can upgrade to a monthly subscription (€3 per month for unlimited gameplay), keeping the character enhancements made so far. Players have a choice of subscription period (1 to 6 months) and payment method: in-game payment, SMS, credit card, paypal or MBNet. Operators might charge for GPRS traffic (online charges vary according to operator plans).

About YDreams Entertainment

YDreams Entertainment is a pioneering Portuguese developer and publisher of mobile games. The company, founded in 2000, has published several titles, including Bluetooth-based multiplayer hack’n’slash Lex Ferrum and 2003 hit Undercover, the world’s first mobile MMOG with a graphical interface which made use of real player location. For more information, please visit www.ydreams.com.

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