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Game Performance & Combat on Work Docket

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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Aeria Games' "Carsomyr" has posted a new development update over at Bless-Source.com with specific regard to the EU / NA version of the game. The Bless letter begins by reminding folks that the team is hard at work, though some issues had cropped up that have caused a slight delay. Right now, gamer performance is being improved to accommodate for large-scale battles; the combat system is being improved, a better tutorial is being added as well as world map and chat UI are being reworked.

The combat system is also being improved. For instance, the aim targeting system is being worked on. The sensitivity of auto targeting will be adjusted and a lock-on feature will be added to provide a better combat experience. The combat-related UIs are also getting improvements with, for example, some subdivisions for damage and heal marks. Few other combat improvements are also scheduled and we will update you on the progress.

You can read the full update at the link above.

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Suzie Ford

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