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Game Mechanics Detailed & Joel Bylos Interview

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UPDATE: The Black Watchmen team has let us know that the game's Kickstarter campaign has now successfully funded. We'll keep you posted from here out!

The Black Watchmen KickStarter page has been updated with a pair of interesting features. The first is a video interview with The Secret World's Joel Bylos who takes a wide range of fan questions. A new blog has also been posted that details the mechanics of the game, most notably how multiplayer missions will play out.

You can’t solve mysteries and keep the world safe by yourself all the time – sometimes you need to meet your fellow agents in the global community and work together to uncover bigger and more dangerous conspiracies.

We’re very excited about multiplayer missions in The Black Watchmen, which like with traditional MMOs can vary in size and scope. Smaller missions require yourself and a handful of other agents to accomplish more difficult than usual challenges and will in turn expose a larger piece of the story. Sometimes though you’ll face evil organizations that need more than just a few people to join the fight — imagine you and thousands of others all working together at the same time, using your unique talents in tandem to combat sinister forces, solve mysteries, and successfully complete an encounter before it’s too late. The risk is high, but so is the satisfaction of facing down the enemy and coming away with a new critical piece of the puzzle.

Read the full blog post on The Black Watchmen site and check out Joel's interview below.

The Black Watchmen Kickstarter Campaign - Update 15 from Division-66 on Vimeo.


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