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Game Launches, Item Mall Now Open; New Euro Server Added

Michael Bitton Posted:
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Aeria Games has announced that their free-to-play MMO Kingdom Heroes has officially begun live service with the opening of the game's premium item mall. Players can find a variety of items in the item shop including experience boost items, premium gear for player characters and their NPC soldiers, and high end ammunition for siege weapons.

Additionally, Aeria Games has also opened a dedicated European server for those of you playing from across the pond.

A brief description of Kingdom Heroes is available below:

Kingdom Heroes, set in the Three Kingdoms era of Ancient China, allows players to choose to serve and fight for the kingdom of their choice. Players can employ devastating siege weaponry, command colossal warships, and lead customizable armies to conquer enemy strongholds. Not only does conquering these locations bring honor to the player's faction, controlling a city yields tax revenue and other bonuses for the player and his or her guild, adding a strategically dynamic system to Kingdom Heroes' game play.

Visit the official Kingdom Heroes website to get started.


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