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Game Development Placed on Indefinite Hold

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The Revival team has posted notification on its forums that many hoped they would never see. The game's development has come to an indefinite hold, though unpaid work will continue for a time. Homes will no longer be for sale and any future patches to the current client are 'highly unlikely'.

So, what went wrong? I suppose the mistake, if one is to be called out, came in the thought that we could soldier through on what we have available. It goes something like this: When we first set out to build Revival, we had access to expertise and resources that aren’t available today. Making up for their loss, be it as simple as lacking sufficient animators or as complicated as losing access to certain networking expertise, has been a costly affair, far more costly than we can honestly afford to bear. So, what does that mean? Is Revival completely dead?

The letter goes on to say that they have some ideas to repair the gaps in development but that they are not yet fully fleshed out or realized.

First, to be clear: You can still access everything you’ve got access to today. Your renovation kits, your properties; all of it. We have no plans to turn them off or shut down access in the foreseeable future.

  • We’re also going to unlock visitation access to all of the properties you don’t currently have access to, including the estates. You won’t “own” them, but you will be able to see every home that you couldn’t before. I know it’s not much, but you made a lot of work possible and you should at least be able to see it, right?
  • Next, you will receive a steam key for Nexuiz, one of IllFonic’s first games and the first game Ombwah and I ever collaborated with IllFonic to make.
  • Finally, you’ll also receive a steam key for Moving Hazard, one of the new projects currently under development here, and presently in Early Access in steam.

It might turn out that we can do things like this in the future too. We can’t predict what will happen, but we’ll never forget that you supported us and whenever we can, we’ll do what we can to return the favor.

Read the full notice on the Revival forum.

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