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Game Cancelled!

Alex De Line Posted:
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A press release from Microsoft Japan has announced the highly anticipated MMORPG for the X-Box,True Fantasy Live Online, has been cancelled.  Microsoft's decision to cancel the title stems from a lack of proper development and stiff competition within the MMORPG industry.  GameSpot was able to contact a representive and assemble a detailed article on the development - here is an excerpt:

When contacted for comment, a representative from Microsoft in the US issued the following statement: "The difficult decision to cancel True Fantasy Live Online was based on a number of careful considerations, including the game's progression to date and the remaining development time needed to complete such an ambitious project. The MMORPG genre, across all platforms, has become an incredibly crowded and competitive marketplace. In response, Microsoft Game Studios has decided to streamline its portfolio, making fewer bets in this genre."

The complete article from GameSpot on True Fantasy Live Online's cancellation can be reached here.

Credit goes towards "Gunblade" for quickly discovering this development.


Alex De Line