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Future's End Announced

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Ether Saga Online will be updated on August 17th with the Future's End content expansion. To prepare for the update, players logging into the game will be treated to double experience. Players will have a new area to explore, new quests and will be able to try out the new glyph system to enhance their weapons.

The age of mortals has drawn to an end. The once peaceful and enlightened lands of The Middle Kingdom lie in ruin, and the last remnants of its inhabitants tremble under the dominion of monstrous hordes. All is not lost, however, for in this time where mortals face extinction, a glimmer of hope lingers on the horizon. The ancestors of the now decimated civilizations of the world have travelled from ages long past to safeguard the future. In order to prevent this tragedy from ever occurring, they seek to learn what events lead to the demise of their world. As one of these brave warriors, the fate of future is in your hands.

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