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Future Updates to Feature Elite Content, Combat Tweaks & Balance Changes

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The latest producer's letter has surfaced on the Bless Online Steam page. In it, readers are informed of four significant features coming with the July 18th update and beyond. On July 18th, players will be treated to the Migra Turis Elite content update that adds "a new level of difficulty" and, of course, new rewards.

In future updates, players can expect to see:

  • Dungeon Drop Rate changes - "we will be hugely increasing the drop rate by doubling it" with further adjustments made as a result of player feedback.
  • Combat Targeting Mode changes - "you will be able to switch between modes with all classes except the Berzerker and the Paladin".
  • Balance Adjustments - "We are making adjustments to the classes in ways that we think will contribute to a better PvP experience." The team is also working on PvE balance to "improve the feel of each class in group play".

Read the full post on the Bless Online Steam page.


Suzie Ford

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