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Fuse Superpowers to Build Your Hero In Superfuse, Opening in Early Access Today

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Superfuse is now out in early access. The hack-and-slash RPG, which you can play solo or in up to 4-player co-op, is inspired by comic books and is notable for its in-depth character customization. 

When it comes to action RPGs like this, it helps when your character stands out in some way, and the team has this kind of customization as a top priority. Their emphasis is making your hero yours. You'll do this by first choosing between two character classes and fusing superpowers from the skill tree system to make a character that plays the way you want them to play. That is the fuse of the title, so you can count on it to be a major part of your experience.

You’ll have a bunch of choices to make, and you’ll shape your character with your weapons, your armor, and of course boosters and other stuff you get off the corpses of all the monsters you (and possibly your teammates) will be mowing through along the way. 

If you choose to play with others, you can mix and match your fused superpowers to balance out and enhance your teams. Which seems like it would be a good idea, because if you’ve played these types of games before, you know that the onslaughts are going to come hard and fast. Not only will there be hordes and hordes of monsters, ooze creatures, and even some other superpowered enemies to defeat, there’s a story too.

Not only will you have many enemies to slay and get loot from, but you’ll be able to work to solve a mystery and uncover a conspiracy involving aliens. The comic book inspirations also extend to the story in Superfuse, but overall, it looks like it’s going to scratch an itch for those who love this type of fast-paced adventure.

Superfuse is now in Early Access via Steam. 


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