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Fury Incarnate, World of Warcraft Update 10.1.7, Brings New Quests, World Events and More to the PTR

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Now that Fractures in Time is out for World of Warcraft, sending players on a journey across the timeways in the latest developments from Dragonflight, it’s time to look ahead at what's next.

While everyone heroically tries to stop the Infinite Dragonflight's plans endangering the future of Azeroth, we're looking ahead to the next update, 10.1.7, Fury Incarnate. That update is headed to the PTR, and if you decide to test it out, here's what awaits.

The next chapters of ongoing stories will  become available for testing. This means a look down the line at what we will be able to play through later this year in update 10.2. You'll also get to test out the next chapters of the Reforging Tyr questline.  Beyond that, wrapping up some of the other story threads that are still as yet unresolved, quests that feature the Bronze Dragonflight are on the way. These quests will do exactly that, and attempt to bring a resolution to what's going on with the Bronze Dragonflight into the timeways during Fractures in Time.

Dawn of the Infinite, the new Mythic only mega dungeon, will eventually be split into two Heroic-difficulty dungeons. So if you are waiting to take on the challenge at a lower difficulty, and try to stop the Infinite Dragonflight from transforming Nozdormu, the Aspect of Time, into Murozond, then your time is coming. You will be able to queue for the heroic difficulty dungeons when they arrive.

Dreamsurges are also coming.  Some Dragonflight zones will “become attuned to the Dream”. When this happens, the affected zones’ rares and world quests will drop a special currency. If you collect this currency, you can use it to enable zone wide buffs and trigger Waking Dream Invasion events, which are public events similar to Time Rifts. 

Of course, there’s also loot to be had.

There are also some new customizations on the way in the update, so you'll get to try out Heritage armor and unlock questlines for Night Elf and Forsaken, in addition to new customization options for both of those.

You can find out more details in the announcement over at World of Warcraft. 


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