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Frozen Flame, a Blend of Survival Game and RPG, Opens Early Access

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Independent survival RPG Frozen Flame is now out in Early Access. The game, from Dreamside Interactive, seeks to blend RPG storytelling and systems, along with lore , and wraps it up in an intentionally approachable survival game.

Survival game mechanics are familiar to many of us by now,  where you have to build structures to protect your people and the resources you gather, as well as claiming lands and sometimes going out and conquering depending on the type of way you play. Yet, not everyone is ready to jump right in.

We interviewed Dreamside Interactive founder Serge Korolev on the challenges the team faces along the way in creating the world and systems, as well as how they worked to set Frozen Flame apart from other survival games. Sometimes, it comes down to listening to all sides of your audience and getting good data from testing. 

“QA tests showed that many people unfamiliar with the genre are at a loss and usually don’t understand what to do, why they should gather resources, how to build, how to craft. The task is to simplify and describe these systems to that extent, that won’t bore others.”

Frozen Flame is looking to change that and add some depth, with everything from the dangers of frigid and harsh weather, to lore where the Ancients have shaped the world.

Only the you get to discover the knowledge of the Ancients and figure out how to use it for your own potential success today in the game setting, there's also a threat known as The Faceless. This is a powerful being that has caused blight throughout the lands of the world of Arcana. This isn’t the end of the threat, though, as you can expect destructive forces and additional obstacles that you’ll have to handle. 

Fortunately, the team is headed into Early Access and the game is now live after successful beta tests. For more info, or to check it out, head over to Frozen Flame.


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