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Frostpunk Is Getting a Board Game, On Kickstarter Now

Solo and up to 4 player co-op

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Frostpunk, the survival game available on PC and consoles, is getting turned into a board game as it launches its Kickstarter campaign.

Glass Cannon Unplugged and 11 bit studios revealed the Kickstarter is now live. Frostpunk is noted for its strategy and city-building mechanics alongside society management features and steampunk aesthetics.

The tabletop adaptation, designed by independent author Adam Kwapinski, presents new challenges for Frostpunk veterans and provides a standalone, entertaining experience for those who aren’t familiar with the video game. Each player’s decisions have both strategic and narrative outcomes as the game supports scenario-oriented gameplay with a strong story layer.

You’ll be able to play solo or cooperatively with your friends up to 4 total players. Just like the video game, the tabletop adaptation requires a well thought out strategy more than a simple reliance on luck. A companion app is also planned as a stretch goal to allow  distant players to enjoy multiple copies.


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