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Frostfell Has Descended Upon Norrath!

Drew Wood Posted:
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The folks over at Sony Online Entertainment have announced a slew of Holiday Content for their games. Third on the list, Everquest and Everquest II are currently celebrating the Norrath tradition of Frostfell!

EverQuest®: The annual Frostfell event will be celebrated throughout Norrath through Jan. 8, 2011. For years, Frostfell celebrations have been spoiled by thievery and crisis and this year, Santug Claugg is suffering a horrible melancholy and wants to cancel the holiday festivities. Players must help him feel like himself again by participating in Operation: Jolliness and Gathering Holiday Cheer.

EverQuest® II: Frostfell, the annual Norrathian festival of kinship, feasting and giving, returns to EverQuest II. Festive decorations can be found all around, including New Halas, where Gigglebigger goblins abound. Players who want to jump right into the holiday spirit should enter the Frostfell Wonderland Village through one of the various Magic Closets. Santa Glug is back with 13 tradable gifts and Gixen, one of Santa Glug’s helpers in Enchanted Lands, is exchanging odd gift-boxes and toys for Frozen Tokens of E’ci.

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Drew Wood