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Frontier Investigating Elite: Dangerous Fleet Carrier Bugs

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Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The launch of Elite: Dangerous’ much anticipated Fleet Carriers update has not been without issue. It looks like Frontier is aware of them and is investigating solutions.

The information comes via forum thread discussing known issues. These known issues at present include:

  • Commanders being kicked from the game and unable to rejoin, or taking a longer than expected time to rejoin.
  • Commanders experiencing crashes related to connection errors.
  • Various sites missing from the in game world, such as Dav’s Hope.
  • Commanders being unable to purchase a Fleet Carrier.
  • Some Commanders did not have to wait any time for their fast track quota.
    • Fast tracking Powerplay quotas is currently not available while we investigate a further fix.

An update to the post shortly after noted that the team is indeed in full investigation mode of these issues, and is working towards resolving. To that end, should you encounter any issues, be sure to report them to the known issues thread tracker.

Additionally, check out the recent announcement of Odyssey, an expansion planned for 2021 which will allow you to leave your ships and explore unexplored worlds. Though, do note that Odyssey will not feature VR or base-building at launch.


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