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Frontier Details Road Map For Elite Dangerous: Odyssey, Detailing Next Three Patches Coming This Month

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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Elite Dangerous: Odyssey got off to a really rocky start, and the team at Frontier is working to ensure that the anticipated expansion is as stable and performant as possible in the wake of the launch. Today the team shared a bit of its roadmap for the next few patches as well as what they are doing to fix issues, as well as improving communication with the playerbase.

If you've been following Elite Dangerous: Odyssey since its launch back on May 19th, you'll know that it didn't have the most stable of debuts. From the dreaded Orange Sidewinder error to geometry completely missin on planets, Odyssey has had a really rough going. The launch saw CEO David Braben to apologize to fans on the forums, vowing that the team is making these issues its priority to fix.

Today the Elite Dangerous team took to their forums to briefly detail the next few patches coming out for commanders, as well as dates to expect those patches.

"We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we review your reports and feedback. We’ve been working hard to address critical issues - Update 2 went live yesterday, which followed Update 1, the previous 2 hotfix updates and server and stability fixes deployed in May. We have been seeing some awesome content shining through from Odyssey, but we know there’s still work to be done to make the experience as good as it can and to further address feedback."

Starting on June 10th, players will see an update that addresses loadout UI, adds earning ARX for on-foot gameplay, as well as various improvements and fixes to the game. June 17th will see the next update, featuring even more improvements, including Codex CMDR stats and Suit Livery UI changes. Finally June 24th will hit with shared missions, galaxy and system map UI updates as well as the outfitting UI updates the community has been requesting. 

However, community manager Arthur Tolmie, states that while they will be working on performance improvements beyond even June, he does state that the team will be shifting to console development as the improvements and optimizations made there will benefit the PC community as well.

"While we are expecting to see specific and targeted performance improvements in the upcoming June updates, we are also aware that development work for console will allow for even larger performance optimisations and enhancements for PC too. Therefore, we feel the best approach for all our Commanders will be to focus our development efforts after Update 5 on performance and the console release, and to bring our multi-platform community together once more, which will also allow us to bring even more global optimisation changes and updates to all Elite Dangerous Commanders."

Finally Tolmie touched on the communication from the studio, the team does admit that their current clip of communication "has not hit the mark." To that end, the team is committing to more frequent updates, such as a monthly community update which will share dev progress and how the team is taking in the community feedback. 


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