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Frontier Addresses Elite: Dangerous Odyssey Feedback

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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Elite: Dangerous Odyssey may have just launched, but plenty of feedback has already been sent to Frontier Developments. The team has provided pretty extensive notes with regards to this feedback on their official forums.

Elite: Dangerous recently went into alpha testing for their upcoming expansion, Odyssey. This Phase One of testing, available on PC only, is all about getting Odyssey running and underway. The team is primarily focused on the core systems of Odyssey and ensuring they’re functioning properly. Testing the networking is also of major importance for this alpha. However, during the alpha testing period, plenty of feedback has already been provided.

The primary bit of feedback seems to be around Apex Interstellar, the shuttle service included in Odyssey. One of the concerns is that this service is pretty boring and quite lengthy in its wait time. to that end, Frontier addresses these points in turn:

  • The conditions of the alpha greatly exaggerate the impact of this wait time which won’t feel the same at launch. This is partly due to the large size of the Adityan system and the fact that the starting station is in the “corner” of the system map.
  • Because mission information doesn’t include the distance to the target location yet, your ability to select missions with shorter travel times is reduced.

They state that they want to resolve both of these points. However, they are not looking to reduce the travel time to avoid these shuttles being faster than player-owned ships, citing contradictions to lore and physics.

The post also addresses dying after landing, essentially griefing players who just want to turn in their missions. To that end, the team will add a detention center respawn loop and harsher penalties. However, they note that you can play in solo or privates groups.

You can check out their full plans for Alpha rollout for Odyssey in addition to a Q&A which details mission types, player suits, and NPC behavior.


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