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Friendship Week Comes To New Eden As EVE Online Celebrates International Happiness Day

The Best Ship In EVE Is FriendSHIP

Joseph Bradford Posted:
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EVE Online is celebrating International Happiness Day In the only way it knows how, by honoring the best ship in EVE: friendship. 

Starting this past weekend on the 20th and running through March 26th, Friendship Week will see EVE Online pilots and its developers celebrate the friendships that have blossomed with every Kill Mail. CCP will be hosting daily streams, as well as hosting a bevy of events to celebrate International Happiness Day, which took place on March 20th.

"Since nothing makes us happier than flying across the galaxy alongside friends, we're celebrating International Happiness Day by recognizing Friendship Week, a full week dedicated to honoring all of the awesome friendships made in EVE Online!"

CCP Games will also be running sales, such as 15% off 12-months of its premium account, Omega, during the event as well. As CCP will be selling the Permaband Roadies SKINS for the Maller, Moa, Rupture and Thorax hulls, giving pilots another chance at the in-house band's themed SKINs for their ships.

Additionally, CCP Games will be hosting a screenshot competition, running through the end of the event, challenging capsuleers to take creative pictures with their buddies and in-game fleets to showcase the best ship, Friendship.

Check out the full details on the EVE Online website for more. And if you're in the mood for some friendship-themed Permaband, get your fill below.

Featured Image via CCP Games


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