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Freeworld Facelift!

Mark Schembri Posted:
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The races of "Freeworld" get a facelift!  The attached screenshots showcase the recent updates to both the models and textures of the human, Paladrones and Altog races from the game.  "Freeworld," developed by Net Charger, is currently in alpha testing and the screenshots below only scratch the surface of the graphics overhaul that is taking place.  This graphics overhaul will allow the player base greater flexibility from a compatibility standpoint as the developers are in the process of creating three versions of each model present in the game.  Players with lower end systems will be able to tweak the games settings to provide the best play experience possible for their systems.   For example, if the player wishes to have a high resolution model for his avatar, but low for the rest, that option is available.  Draconus of Net Charger has been sending out exclusive screenshots to several news sites across the web and MMORPG.Com was lucky enough to be one of these exclusive sites.   You can check out another exclusive shot at Warcry right here.


Mark Schembri