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Free to Play Co-op Game Mode, Zenith: Infinite Realms, Launches Tomorrow, February 27th

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Zenith: Infinite Realms will launch tomorrow on Meta Quest and Steam VR after an open beta, marking a new phase in the Zenith franchise. A PlayStation VR date will be announced later.

Zenith: Infinite Realms is free to play and supported by microtransactions. Ramen VR began an open beta recently and it looks like all is ready to move forward.  

This means that Zenith: The Last City, Ramen VR’s MMORPG will move to be a DLC if you don’t already own it. For those who have that game, you can keep it and keep playing the MMO if you want to. If you don't own it and you still want to buy it, it will be available as a DLC purchase. Any Zenith app you may have installed will update at tomorrow’s launch to “Zenith: Nexus” to reflect the overhauls and new direction.

The team released a launch trailer and a guide that includes a feature overview, an intro to some of the mechanics and revamped player abilities, and more about how the new mode works. 

The place you'll find yourself the most is the City Plaza. This is the central hub, where you’ll find the shop, and where you’ll be able to queue up for new sessions, find vendors, and agent rank challenges. Also where you can upgrade your gear, and even socialize  with others.  

There are three gates that you will find that lead out of the city plaza - Iron, Silver, and Pandowl. Through these gates are different floating worlds that offer challenges. The Pandowl gate’s destination will rotate daily and the others will swap their destination content about once a week. This means there’s always something fresh. 

Player abilities get overhauled, with new modifiers to take advantage of, and unlock as you level up. As you travel through the sessions, there's an emphasis on jumping around, sliding, climbing, and rail grinding, so the movement is intended to be fluid and employ verticality as well.

In each session you run with a group, everyone shares in the XP, with mobs scaling directly to you. This broadens the availability of sessions since you don't have to worry about being the same level or having the best gear. Just queue up and get going.


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