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Free Newbie Pack Worth $50

Craig McGregor Posted:
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We have just been given 2000 gift keys for 2029 Online that will give players $50 worth of in game items completely free!  Details below:

For a limited time, IGG’s 2029 Online (http://2029.igg.com) will celebrate the success of the PvP siege war event run earlier this year, plus the upcoming release of a new PvP map, by giving away Newbie Packages to players who create new accounts and join the game. Newly registered players will receive a Newbie Package worth $50 US based on normal item mall prices. To qualify for Newbie Packages, players must enter the serial number/CD key given to them during account registration.

The packages will be mailed to new players’ characters in-game and will include hot mall items and top-notch equipment, such as weapons, teleportation items, corsair vehicles, and more. Players will receive a Newbie Package for every five levels their character advances until level 35.  



Craig McGregor