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Free In Game Gifts!

Craig McGregor Posted:
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Ingle Games teamed up with mmorpg.com to present you gift package for Phoenix Dynasty Online, in celebrating the launch of its new expansion pack “The Rise of Kingjow”. The new expansion features a brand new artifact system and adds many other interesting game play, such as mystic fortune telling system and item decomposition. Players who used the gift code to register a new account will be granted the following items:

Mount Tiger: a cool mount without expiration

Equipment & Enhancement Defense Materials x5: 5 blue mats to make a good armor or helmet Jewelry Materials x4: 4 blue mats to make a good necklace or ring Refining Iron: to refine gears and enhance the stats

Potions Growth Potion: to grow characters twice as big and get good buffs for an hour Shrinkage Potion: to shrink characters by 50% and get good buffs for an hour HP Potions (L): a big HP potion that can recover characters' HP for 100 times Experience Medicine: to increase characters' EXP. gained from killing mobs by 50%



Craig McGregor