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Free Gift Keys!

Craig McGregor Posted:
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MMORPG.com has been give thousands of keys for World of Kung Fu that will give our community members a bunch of free in game gifts! Get your free gift key while supplies last!  Each key will give you:

  • Wish Staff x 1 - Use to summon a wish staff as a mount with a very fast speed. Available for 7 days; bound
  • Renovation Furnace x 10 - Use to repairs your equipment any time, any place without any repair fee
  • Novice Lion Toy x 10 - Enables you to revive at your current location
  • Novice Tai Yi Pill x 1 - Ancient medicine that restores 50,000 HP accumulatively, not usable in Instances or when asleep
  • Novice Experience Charm x 10 - Gain 120% experience for 1 hour. Cannot be used in conjunction with other charms and experience pearls
  • Novice Iron Tool x 1 - A collection tool that can be used to collect resources 200 times
  • Novice Earth Temple x 5 - Opens a travel interface anywhere in a non-combat situation, and sends you to any city that you have been to.



Craig McGregor