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Free 30-Days of Skyforge Announced as Fifth Anniversary Expansion Delayed Due to Coronavirus

April 8 PC, April 9 PS4/Xbox One

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The Fifth Anniversary edition of Skyforge is delayed till April 8 for PC and April 9 for PS4 and Xbox One. But, the team has a plan.

The delay is due to Coronavirus forcing folks to work remote which appears to have had an impact on development,

“MY.GAMES and Allods Team employees very recently started working from home after acting on local governmental advice in our teams’ respective regions. This decision was made to protect the health and well-being of our employees, their families, and the public as a whole. Unfortunately, this had an impact on the Skyforge development process, and we now need a little more time to develop, polish, and deliver the Fifth Anniversary expansion. We are confident that we can unite every Immortal for a true celebration of Skyforge on April 8 and 9.”

However, the team states they have events planned to cheer up people and to, “bring a little light to the darkness during these challenging times.” To that end, the team is handing out 25% more Credits and Knowledge of Enemies.

Additionally, everyone will receive a free 30-Day Premium Account from the MY.GAMES Market. Due note that console players will be eligible for this next week. Finally, a daily login event is set to launch next week as well.


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