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Framerate Improvements Have Arrived in v5.7

Suzie Ford Updated: Posted:
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The Crowfall site has a brief post from the team to let players know that some big framerate changes have come to v5.7. The tinkering that has been going on under the hood, by all reports, should have a significant impact on optimization. For instance, Unity's terrain "has been swapped out for custom-built meshes" in order to "cut down load times".

The next big change we plan to make is moving more of the processing to the export phase. Here’s a breakdown of what that means: When artists finish making a chunk of a map, they export it and we have a script that breaks down some of the information into a format more friendly to actually running the client. Right now, that does a lot of things like stripping out stuff the client doesn’t need to know.

If you love to read light techno speak about back end systems, head to the Crowfall site to check it out.


Suzie Ford

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