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Fractured's Spring Alpha Release 2 Live, Brings Respecs, Siege Workshop, More

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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The second major update to Fractured’s Sping Alpha is here and brings with respecs for character attributes, the siege workshop, client performance improvements, and much more. Read on for more details.

The major update with this release is the respecs for characters and city researches. You’ll be able to respec your charcter’s attributes once per week for free. If you’re a governor or vice-governor, you can deallocate one research once per day. Finally, City stage research will now cost only one point instead of two points. If you want to take advantage of these character respecs changes, you’ll have to create a new character.

The siege workshop was also introduced allowing you to produce catapults now. These catapults are crucial if you want to siege another city with walls, or basically anything that’s not a hamlet. You will not be able to destroy walls by slashing or hammering it. You can assemble and disassemble the catapults and move them on wheels. Once the siege feature goes live, you’ll be able to more easily mount these catapults in siege areas.

Bounty hunting was also part of this release and brings three changes to the feature:

  • The Karma required to become a bounty hunter has been lowered from 10,000 to 5,000. We had definitely underestimated the effort required to get to 10k.
  • Criminals who get released from jail are now just set to Good but they retain their negative Karma. This allows a criminal who has repented to keep playing as a Good character (and eventually get to a positive Karma), but if it decides to turn Evil again, it will get its old Karma.
  • The Young player status now expires after 40 hours instead of 20.

You can read the full update here. In recent Fractured news, it looks like some fast moving projectiles like arrows will no longer go through target.


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