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Fractured's City Sieges Are Live

Poorna Shankar Posted:
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City sieges are live in Fractured alongside a new All-Backers event. For how long will sieges be available, and what are the changes associated with this feature? Read on to find out.

The Fractured team actually acknowledges the somewhat late arrival of city sieges. The dominating reason is simply the work required to get this feature up and running due to its complexity. They also noted,

“Having multiple developers work on this feature saw very “diminishing returns”, so it was one person who implemented most of it. The rest of the team wasn’t slacking of course – we’ve been hard at work on the Summer Alpha on a different build of the project ??

We’re in a very exciting phase business-wise. We’re planning a new investment round and several new hires – it’s huge! More detailed info will come in due time. For now, it suffices to say that it’s taken away some dev time today to make things a lot better tomorrow – communication included!”

You can expect city sieges to run through June 27 if enough players come back to join the testing. If not, however, city sieges will conclude testing on May 31. Either way, you still have plenty of time to hop in and check out the feature.

And just who has access? If you have a pledge or founder pack regardless of tier, you should have access to testing. The siege phase include four such phases: declaration, preparation, battle, and aftermath. You can check out the full details of each phase here.

Last month, the second update to the Spring Alpha included character respecs, the siege workshop, client performance improvements, and more. You can read about what was introduced in that update here.


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