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Fractured's Alpha 2 - Test 3 Starts Today

Testing Player Cities and Talent Trees

Joseph Bradford Updated: Posted:
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Fractured's Alpha 2 - Test 3 is now live after a brief postponement from last week's original start date. The test is being touted by the developer as the "most feature-rich" in its history and aims to test player cities, talent trees and more.

The Alpha 2  - Test 3 was initially postponed due to what the team described as a "game-breaking server issue." However, that seems to have been fixed and Fractured is moving forward with its test, which will include checking out the talent tree, but more importantly the player cities many are excited to test.

Additionally, the Fractured team is providing some compensation for those who had to wait a few extra days to hop in in the form of 1,000 Dynamight tokens added to all accounts with access, assuming you've bought into the Alpha testing.


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